Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAR PANEL?

CAR PANEL was created by Lyft to maintain open-dialogue with you, the customer and in some cases the employees and partners. This is a place where you can share personal ideas and have the chance to potentially test new products that aid innovation geared by the customer’s voice. For additional information about CAR, please visit the About Us page here.

Why was I invited?

You were invited because Lyft is curating a community of their most trusted customers, employees and partners. You were sent an email from Lyft about CAR PANEL and completed our registration survey to join the community and become one of our fantastic panelists! By inputting your information in the registration survey (all personal data is safely encoded and stored), you will be joining a team of advocates that intimately interact with our brand to help innovate and drive change through research projects such as online surveys.

Will I be compensated for my participation?

Yes. CAR PANEL rewards its members by providing them points (referred to as CAR points) for each project they complete. Points are accumulated by the member each time they complete a research project (such as a survey) and can then be redeemed for digital rewards. For more information about CAR points, please visit the CAR Points page here.

What is a TANGO CARD?

TANGO CARD is the name of the digital rewards system used by CAR PANEL. A TANGO CARD is what you may redeem your CAR points toward. Your TANGO CARD can then be redeemed towards your choice of a variety of retailers and nonprofit donation options. Additionally, TANGO CARDS to do not expire so you have plenty of time to use your reward. To ensure you receive all rewards distribution emails, we recommend you add and to your email account’s Contacts or Safe senders list. This will help ensure you receive your digital rewards in a timely manner. For more information about TANGO CARD and their available rewards and incentives, please visit the My Rewards page here.

Who do I contact about reward redemption issues?

If you’ve redeemed your CAR points towards a reward and are having any sort of trouble, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out. Please reach out to our helpdesk at with a description of what you are experiencing, and we’ll help you get down to the bottom of it. For more information about CAR points, please visit the CAR Points page here.

Is this spam or a scam?

Absolutely not. We care too much about our panelists to send them spam. We promise that you will never receive links asking for anything more sensitive than you are willing to share (such as personal information) and your participation is completely voluntary. Also, CAR panelists will be fully compensated for any projects they complete. If you receive anything that appears suspicious, feel free to reach out to our helpdesk at

What are you doing with my data?

We use your data to aggregate information on our customers. Everything from age, gender, location status, to job information helps us create a holistic picture of how our brand can better understand and serve you. This information, of course, is completely confidential and is only based on what you feel comfortable sharing.

Who is U30 GROUP?

U30 Group is an independent market research company working on behalf of Lyft to help administer the community. This includes all community activities including member communications, projects, surveys, quick polls and any other sort of project based on the community. For special panel projects like an interview, a U30 Group researcher may need to speak to you over the phone but we’ll give you a heads up notification about any such occasion and the researcher will identify themselves in advance.

How do I unsubscribe from CAR PANEL?

We’re totally bummed to see any panelist leave but will make this process painless for you. If you no longer want to be a member of CAR PANEL, please go here to unsubscribe. If needed, you may also send an email to the moderators at stating UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Once unsubscribed, we will reply to confirm removal to you via email.