About Us
CAR PANEL was created by Lyft to maintain open-dialogue with you, the customer and in some cases the employees and partners. This is a place where you can share personal ideas and have the chance to potentially test new products that aid innovation geared by the customer’s voice.

In simplest terms, CAR PANEL is a research community where third-party researchers conduct research projects with the members (i.e. you) to learn how best to create or improve Lyft products and services. An example of a research project might be an online survey that takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

As a member of CAR PANEL, you will receive emails from time to time regarding individual research activity opportunities for you to share your opinions. In exchange for your participation incentives for completing projects are rewarded in the form of CAR points, which are redeemable for digital gift cards. This is our way of saying thanks to the members for providing great insight to help! For more information on CAR points go here.

If you have any questions, we can help answer about CAR PANEL, just let us know at moderator@lyftcarpanel.com.