What are CAR Points?
Here’s the skinny:

Think of the CAR points program like this, every 100 CAR points you earn is worth $1.00 in rewards. Easy, right?  

These are redeemable for digital gift codes from our rewards provider TANGO CARD. CAR points are not yet redeemable towards Lyft rides unfortunately, but we are working on that as a potential option in the future. 

You can earn CAR points for certain activities you participate in. These activities will have a point value assigned to them and will be marked with an icon stating the points to be earned. CAR activities can range from 50 up to 10,000 points and these point values vary based on time commitment and amount of content being asked of the member to complete.  Some activities reward CAR points manually at the conclusion of the project after being reviewed for quality verification.  

Please remember that any "big ticket" points will be awarded at the project's conclusion (not instantly). The moderators will issue CAR points as soon as they are able once results have been reviewed. The same goes for any "automatic" points earned only these just take some time to show up in your account (usually in about 24 hours).

Once you redeem your CAR points for a TANGO CARD reward, you should keep an eye out for an email (might be labeled with TANGO CARD or U30 - that’s your reward from Lyft’s CAR PANEL!).

Accumulate a bank of CAR points in your account and cash them for a TANGO CARD you can turn into a gift card from any of its retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Target, Walmart, BestBuy and many more! For more information about TANGO CARDS, go here.

To see how many CAR points you have at the moment, check your points page here.

If you have any questions, we can help answer about incentives earned for projects on CAR PANEL, just let us know at moderator@lyftcarpanel.com.