Meet the Team
Both Lyft team members and our trusted third-party research team members (U30 Group) will be the moderators of the CAR PANEL. These are the folks who’ll be running the show!

You’ll be hearing the most from Vanessa and Lucas. They will be our moderators for the community and they monitor the panel email account.

From time to time, you’ll interact with them as they will run the activities taking place on the community. You might also receive emails or messages from them related to projects or the community so we wanted to give you the heads up.

The U30 Group team is here to help with all things community and project related. Feel free to message the moderator using the Contact Moderator link in the footer of the community and one of them will get back to you as soon as able!

You may also notice the company name FocusVision from time to time. This is the technology partner for the community panel website and its services, so we wanted to share their name with you too. They too are part of the team.

TANGO CARD is the name of the digital rewards system used by CAR PANEL.

If you have any questions, we can help answer about CAR PANEL, just let us know at